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Available Services

Signature Integrative Bodywork

Swedish influenced (relaxation-centered) massage, incorporating orthopedic treatment techniques or Energy Work when needed. Each massage is unique; drawing from my diverse toolbox of modalities to meet your goals and individual needs. ​

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a very gentle, slow and rhythmic face and body treatment which focuses directly on improving the function of the Lymphatic System, by following the pathways of the many lymphatic vessels located on the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that travels through the entire body. CST aims to release connective tissue restrictions by empowering the body to process its own healing. It is a deeply relaxing experience.


This therapy stems from osteopathy, which emphasizes the role of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. It blends Eastern and Western schools of thought; treatment utilizes myofascial release whilst viewing the entire body as one interconnected web.


An orthopedic treatment-based modality that focuses on specific regions rather than the entire body. Treatments may incorporate elbow, forearm, and pin-and-stretch movements to address chronic pain and injury, as well as tools such as cups and hot stones. Communication is key so that we can hit that sweet spot of efficacy without causing pain.


Energetic work intended to clear blocked energetic channels, rebalance life force (Ki); calming the nervous system and emotions.

Sessions are intuition-based; listening and following energy flow or restrictions. Reiki can be a profound modality for facilitating healing on a soul level. Due to the deep state of mental relaxation induced, subtle musculoskeletal pain relief may be experienced.

Hot or Cold Stone Massage

Volcanic basalt stones are warmed and applied to the skin. Their soothing effect can promote relaxation, enhance circulation and may add targeted pressure to any trigger points or adhesions. 

Alternatively, cold stones may be used with opposite intent; to calm swollen blood vessels and dull sharp pain. Cold stones can be particularly helpful in treating migraines. 


Flexible silicone cups gently lift and decompress muscle. 


Cupping may release restrictions within muscle fibers, help break up scar tissue, loosen fascial adhesions, relax smooth muscles in spasm, improve circulation & lymph flow, aid in anti-inflammation, and decrease trigger point pain. It is a gentle therapy that is a great add on to any session, but especially helpful in treating chronic medical concerns or subacute injury.

Mobile Massage

Mobile chair massage is available for corporate events or employee appreciation days.


Individual home visits using traditional table massage may be offered to established clients, or clients having trouble getting to the office, on a case-by-case basis.

Reach out anytime for more details and booking.

Add-on Services

Options to add the following to any session:

Thai Herbal Poultice

Foot or Body Scrub

Gua Sha



Hot/Cold Stones

Thai Poultice


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