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Who I Am and What I Do

I am a board certified massage therapist, licensed in New York State as well as nationally. I practice Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, energy work and traditional Therapeutic Massage. I offer collaborative, client-led sessions where I draw from my “toolbox” of training to customize the perfect session for your goals and preferences.


My clients are often very invested in their wellness journeys. To that effect, I believe your own body is the most powerful self-healer. I simply act a facilitator in guiding the right conditions for healing to take place, whether physical or emotional. It is my greatest joy and honor to be trusted with this process. Light touch, listening and presence can yield some of the most profound and transformative results.


A Rochester, NY native; I traveled the world as a flight attendant for more than a decade, residing on both east and west coasts before arriving at my calling of massage therapy. I carry that heart to serve, love of people and honoring cultures and backgrounds into the foundation of my practice. In my spare time I continue my travels to enhance my practice and education. 


Bodywork has played a critical role in my own healing journey from trauma, injury, chronic pain and anxiety. I credit my capacity for empathy to those experiences, with a nod to the wellness professionals who mentored me. I am passionate about personal growth; and believe in the power of human touch even beyond the well-documented physiological and neurological benefits. In the crazy world we live in, compassion and connection can change lives.


On a personal note, I enjoy art (painting, writing, theatre), horseback riding and the natural world – being in or around water particularly rejuvenates me. Animals nurture my soul; I am the mama to one cute rescue cat named Sweetie.  

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