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My style is informed and inspired by Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish/relaxation, Deep Tissue treatments and Trauma-Informed Energetic Work. I have studied and certified in a diverse range of modalities, and pull from all of them to custom tailor my session to the unique goals of each individual. What you can expect from a session is a slow-paced, rhythmic, fluid and intuitive experience, with specific mindfulness to areas of concern.

I have a keen attention to detail and my focus is to ensure your ultimate comfort. Whether for stress relief, pain relief, energetic alignment, tackling medical concerns or a combination – we will work together to find the perfect blend of techniques to suit your goals and preferences. 

I am strongly committed to provide a safe and healing space to everyone - regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity. My mission is to empower clients to become active participants in the process of attaining freedom from pain, and stepping into their most authentic, luminous lives.

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